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About us

The SSG was formed in 1979 by physicians and scientists from the Scandinavian countries with a primary interest in tumors of connective tissues.

The goal of the SSG is to advance the care of patients with sarcoma and to increase knowledge of all aspects of the biology of these tumors, including basic and clinical research. The SSG has developed treatment protocols for different sarcoma types and participates in international clinical trials.

At this website you can access treatment protocols, find information about previous and future SSG meetings with links to SSG publications.

SSG administrative coordinator: Eva-Mari Olofsson

The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group is a part of Lund University and follows the instructions/regulations for data protection for Lund University.

For more information please, follow this link

Wish you all a nice summer!

Final Program

Tuesday May 4, 2004
16.00–17.30 SSG Board and program committee meeting
Room: 1
17.00–18.30 Registration
Place: Outside the conference room Petrodvoretz
19.30 Welcome cocktail at lobby – sea fasade (next to restaurant Replica)
20.00 Dinner
Restaurant Petrodveretz
Wednesday May 5, 2004
07.30–08.30 Breakfast
07.30–08.30 Registration
Place: Outside the conference room Petrodvoretz
08.30–12.00 The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group: Past experiences and future directions
Chairmen: K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, T. Böhling, Helsinki
08.30 L1
The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group – 25 years´ experiences.
T.A. Alvegård, Lund
09.00 L2
The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group (SSG) Register 1986-2002.
H.C.F. Bauer, Stockholm, T.A. Alvegård, Lund, Ö. Berlin, Gothenburg, M. Erlanson, Umeå. A. Kalén, Linköping, P. Lindholm, Turku, P. Gustafson, Lund, S. Smeland, Oslo, C.S. Trovik, Bergen
09.20 L3
The SSG Morphology review experiences.
T. Böhling, Helsinki
09.40 L4
The SSG Tumor biology experiences.
O. Myklebost, Oslo
10.00–10.30 Coffee
Fountain Hall – Central Lobby
10.30 L5
SSG Diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine experiences.
I. Taksdal, Oslo
10.50 L6 SSG surgery experiences.
O. Brosjö, H.C.F. Bauer, Stockholm
11.10 L7
The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group: Past experiences and future directions: The SSG clinical trials.
S. Smeland, Oslo
11.30 L8
SSG experiences of centralized registration of patients with surgically treated skeletal metastases.
J. Keller, Aarhus, R. Wedin, Stockholm
11.50 Discussion
12.00–13.00 The Russian Sarcoma experiences
Chairmen: O. Brosjö, Stockholm, T.A. Alvegård, Lund
12.00 L9
Surgical techniques in extremity and axial malignant tumors of bone and soft tissue. The Russian experience.
M. Aliev, V. Sokolovsky, V. Teplyakov, V. Sobolevsky, E. Musaev, A. Valiev, G. Machak, T. Kharatishvili, B. Bokhian, Moscow
12.20 L10
Current chemotherapy protocols in high-grade bone and soft tissue sarcomas.
G. Machak, N. Ivanova, B. Bokhian, M. Aliev, Moscow
12.40 L11
Transosseus osteosynthesis (TO) by Ilizarov in the treatmet of bone tumors.
V. Teplyakov, V. Karpenko, G. Machak, M. Aliev, Moscow

Priabltysky Hall
14.00–16.00 Free lectures
Chairmen: H.C.F. Bauer, Stockholm, C. Blomqvist, Helsinki
14.00 L12 Soft tissue leiomyosarcoma: A clinicopathologic study of 227 cases. A Scandinavian Sarcoma Group project.
C. Svarvar, C. Blomqvist, T. Böhling, Helsinki, Ö. Berlin, Gothenburg, B. Bjerkehagen, Oslo, H. Domanski, Lund, G. Follerås, Oslo, P. Gustafson, Lund, P. Lindholm, Turku, C. Trovik, Bergen, E. Tukiainen, Helsinki
14.15 L13
Immunohistochemical profiling in 211 malignant fibrous histiocytomas confirms the prognostic value of Ki-67.
J. Engellau, A. Persson, P.O. Bendahl, M. Åkerman, H.A. Domanski, Lund, B. Bjerkehagen, Oslo, P. Lilleng, Bergen, J. Wejde, Stockholm, A. Rydholm, T.A. Alvegård, M. Nilbert, Lund
14.30 L14
Evaluation of intratumor versus intertumor heterogeneity in malignant fibrous histiocytoma.
P. Francis, J. Fernebro, A. Laurell, T. Breslin, P. Edén, C. Pettersson, A. Rydholm, H. Domanski, C. Hegardt, M. Nilbert, Lund
14.45 L15 DNA microarray analysis in synovial sarcoma; correlations with histopathology, cytogenetics, and fusion genes.
J. Fernebro, P. Francis, P. Edén, C. Pettersson, I. Panagopoulos, F. Mertens, N. Mandahl, M. Nilbert, Lund
15.00 L16 Amplicons and their target genes in osteosarcoma – a CGH microarray analysis.
S. Knuutila, J. Atiye, M. Wolf, O. Monni, T. Böhling, M. Tarkkanen, A. Kivioja, M. Serra, Helsinki
15.15 L17 High-resolution DNA copy number analysis in sarcomas by array comparative genomic hybridization.
L.A. Meza-Zepeda, S. Henrichson Kresse, J.B. Wang, A. Forus, Oslo W.L. Kuo, Cambridge, S. Gregory, San Fransisco, J.W. Gray, Cambridge, O. Myklebost, Oslo
15.30 L18 Differential diagnosis in Ewing sarcoma.
M. Winderen, T. Bach-Gansmo, I. Taksdal, B. Bjerkehagen, K. Sundby Hall, G. Follerås, S. Skjeldal, Oslo
15.45 L19 Ewing Sarcoma/PNET involving the spinal cord – the importance of early oncological treatment for recovering and saving of vital functions.
J.P. Poulsen, S. Skjeldal, B. Bjerkehagen, I. Lloret, R. Sørensen, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo
16.00-16.30 Coffee
16.30-7.30 SSG matters (only for SSG members)
19.00 Meet at the Hotel Lobby for bus departure
20.00 Dinner
Restaurant Restoran

Bus transfer to the hotel
Thursday May 6, 2004
07.30–08.30 Breakfast
08.30–12.00 Free lectures
Chairmen: S. Smeland, Oslo, P. Lindholm, Turku
08.30 L20 To treat the child to treat the teenager to treat the adult.
O. Björk, Stockholm
08.45 L21 Bone necrosis associated with imatinib mesylate (Gleevec®) treatment.
J.O Fernberg, H. Einarsdottir, H. Jacobsson, Stockholm
09.00 L22 Giant cell tumor in the extremities. The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group experience of 296 cases.
G. Follerås, Oslo, O. Brosjö, Stockholm, A. Rydholm, Lund, C. Trovik, Bergen, A. Kivioja, Helsinki
09.15 L23 The SSG Skeletal Metastasis Registry. Survival after surgery for bone metastases in the pelvis and extremities.
B. H. Hansen, Aarhus, R. Wedin, Stockholm, J. Keller, Aarhus, M. Laitinen, Tampere, P. Berg, Gothenburg, S. Skjeldal, Oslo, C. Trovik, Bergen, J. Nilsson, Lund, A. Walløe, Oslo, A. Kalén, Linköping
09.30 L24 Should all trochanteric metastases undergo a total hip replacement?
A. Kalén, O. Wahlström, Linköping
09.45 L25 Identifying patients at high risk for toxicity by monitoring serum methotrexate at 18 hours.
K.S. Hall, J.P. Poulsen, A.K. Thøgersen, A. Andersen, H. Olsen, G. Saeter, Oslo
10.00–10.30 Coffee
Fountain Hall – Central Lobby
10.30 L26 Interferon alone and in combination with doxorubicin in osteosarcoma xenografts -a microarray study.
C. Müller, H.M. Namløs, G. Saeter, S. Smeland, O. Myklebost, Oslo
10.45 L27 Management of bone sarcomas over a 20-year period at The Norwegian Radium Hospital(NRH).
L.H. Aksnes, K. Sundby Hall, G. Follerås, A.E. Stenwig, B. Bjerkehagen, I. Taksdal, M. Winderen, G.Saeter, Oslo
11.00 L28 Evaluation of tumor response with isolated limb perfusion (ILP) in patients with limb-threatening soft tissue sarcoma.
W. Reed, A. M. Wiedswang, B. Bjerkehagen, S. Stoldt, Oslo
11.15 L29 Quality assessment of adjuvant radiotherapy for extremity and trunk wall sarcoma. 2006 patients from the Scandinavian Sarcoma Group Register.
N. Jebsen, C. Trovik, O. Monge, Bergen
11.30 L30 Neoadjuvant regional hyperthermia, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for high risk soft tissue sarcoma.
N. Jebsen, B.C. Schem, C. Trovik, H.E. Oulie, J. Eide, O. Monge, Bergen
11.45 L31 Quality of life and long-term morbidity in bone sarcoma patients – current status. A SSG project.
L.H. Aksnes, Oslo, N.L. Jebsen, Bergen, H.C.F. Bauer, Stockholm, S.D. Fosså, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo
12.00–13.00 Lunch
Pribaltysky Hall
13.15 Meet at the Hotel Lobby for bus departure for excursion to Catherines Palace Park (guided tour)

Walking to the restaurant “Russian House” in Pushkin
16.30 Light dinner
17.30 Bus departure outside the restaurant
19.00 Ballet “Corsar” at Musorsky Theatre

Transfer to the hotel
Friday May 7, 2004
08.00–09.00 Breakfast

Cooperative sarcoma study groups activities
Chairmen: T.A. Alvegård, Lund, H. Bauer, Stockholm
09.00 L32-
Italian Sarcoma Group (ISG).
P. Picci, Bologna
09.20 L33-
Cooperative sarcoma study group activities: COSS.
S.S. Bielack, Muenster
09.40 L34-
The EORTC Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma Group (STBSG).
O.S. Nielsen, Aarhus, J.Y. Blay, P. Hogendoorn, P. Hohenberger, A.T. van Oosterom, M. van Glabbeke, I.R. Judson
10.00 L35-
Cooperative sarcoma study group activities: The Spanish experience.
A. Patino, M. San Julian, F. Lecanda, N. Ibargoyen, L. Sierrasesumaga, Pamplona

Fountain Hall – Central Lobby
11.00 L36-
The French Sarcoma Group
J.Y. Blay, Lyon
11.20 L37-
The British Sarcoma Group
M. Robinson, Sheffield
11.40 Panel discussion
End of the meeting

Pribaltysky Hall
12.30 Bus departure for Stockholm and Copenhagen flights
Post Jubilee Excursion program
Friday May 7, 2004
13.45 Meeting at the hotel lobby
14.00 Bus departure for city sightseeing St. Petersburg
17.00 Bus arrival at the hotel
Rest of the day, free activities
Saturday May 8, 2004
08.00–09.00 Breakfast
09.00–19.00 Free activities
19.15 Meeting at the hotel lobby, bus departure to restaurant “Last Palace”
23.00 Transfer to the hotel from outside the restaurant
Sunday May 9, 2004
08.00–09.00 Breakfast
12.15 Bus departure for Stockholm flight
12.30 Bus departure for Copenhagen flight