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About us

The SSG was formed in 1979 by physicians and scientists from the Scandinavian countries with a primary interest in tumors of connective tissues.

The goal of the SSG is to advance the care of patients with sarcoma and to increase knowledge of all aspects of the biology of these tumors, including basic and clinical research. The SSG has developed treatment protocols for different sarcoma types and participates in international clinical trials.

At this SSG web-site you can access treatment protocols, find information about previous and future SSG meetings with links to SSG publications.

SSG secretary: Eva-Mari Olofsson
SSG mail address:

The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group is a part of Lund University and follows the instructions/regulations for data protection for Lund University.

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Final Program

Tuesday May 10, 2005
17.00–18.30 SSG Board and program committee meeting
Room: Sal K
17.00–18.30 Registration
19.00 Cocktail reception at Nordica hotel
Wednesday May 11, 2005
08.00–09.00 Breakfast
08.00–09.00 Registration
09.00–09.15 Introduction
O. Johansson, Reykjavik, T.A. Alvegård, Lund
09.15–12.00 Osteosarcoma symposium
Chairmen: S. Smeland, Oslo, H. Bauer, Stockholm

The SSG registry of bone sarcomas.
H. Bauer, Stockholm, G.Follerås, Oslo, A. Rydholm, Lund, C. Trovik, Bergen

Radiological management of osteosarcoma.
V. Söderlund, Stockholm
09.40 3
Indentification and possible targeting of pathways that are important in osteosarcoma development and progression.
O. Myklebost, Oslo
09.50 4 Can find needle aspiration of osteosarcoma serve as a primary diagnostic modality?
H. Domanski, M. Åkerman, Lund
10.05 5 Prognostic factors in osteosarcoma.
C. Müller, S. Smeland, Oslo, S. Ferrari, M. Serra, Bologna, G. Saeter, Oslo
10.20–10.45 Coffee
10.45 6

Surgical treatment of osteosarcoma. The SSG experience.
O. Brosjö, Stockholm
Osteosarcoma: Oncological treatment and clinical outcome.
S. Smeland, Oslo, T. Wiebe, Lund, T. Böhling, Helsinki, O. Brosjö, Stockholm, T. A. Alevgård, Lund
11.30 Discussion

13.00–16.00 Ewing sarcoma symposium
Chairmen: L. Hjorth, Lund, S. Smeland, Oslo

Ewing´s sarcoma. Diagnostic radiology.
M. Hordvik, Bergen

Cytogenetics and molecular genetics in Ewing´s sarcoma.
S. Knuutila, Helsinki
13.40 10 Prognosis and therapeutic targets in the “Ewing” family of tumors-sixth framework programme.
P. Picci, Bologna
14.00 11 Pathological diagnosis of Ewing family of tumors.
B. Bjerkehagen, Oslo
14.20 Discussion
14.30-15.00 Coffee

Surgical treatment of Ewing´s sarcoma. The SSG experience.
O. Brosjö, Stockholm

Ewing sarcoma family tumors: Oncological treatment and clinical outcome.
S. Smeland, Oslo, P. Picci, S. Ferrari, Bologna, T. Böhling, Helsinki, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, T. Wiebe, T. A. Alvegård, Lund
15.40 14

An overview tod the EURO-E.W.I.N.G. 99 protocol.
L. Hjorth, Lund
16.00-17.00 SSG Metastases Registry
Chairmen: R. Wedin, Stockholm, J. Keller, Aarhus
16.00 15 Surgical treatment of bone metastases in the pelvis and extremities. Overview of planned thesis. A SSG project.
B. H. Hansen, Aarhus
16.45 Discussion
17.00-18.00 Free papers
Chairmen: T.A. Alvegård, Lund, H. Bauer, Stockholm
17.00 16

Biallelic somatic inactivation of the NF1 gene through chromosomal translocations in a sporadic neurofibroma.
C. T. Storlazzi, F. Vult von Steyern, H. A. Domanski, N. Mandahl, F. Mertens, Lund
17.10 17 The myxoid/round cell lipsarcoma (MLS/RCLS) fusion oncogene FUS-DDIT3 and the normal DDT13 induce a liposarcoma phenotype in SCID mouse xenografted human fibrosarcoma cells.
K. Engström, Gothenburg, H. Willén, Uppsala, C. Kåbjörn-Gustafsson, M. Olsson, S. Järnum, A. Olofsson, E. Warnhammar, C. Andersson, P. Åman, Gothenburg
17.20 18 Irradiation of myxoid/round cell liposarcoma induces growth arrest and lipogenic maturation.
K. Engström, P. Bergh, C. G. Cederlund, R. Hultborn, Gothenburg, H. Willén,Uppsala, P. Åman, L. G. Kindblom, J. M. Meis-Kindblom, Gothenburg
17.30 19 Rare variants of chondrosarcoma: Clear cell chondrosarcoma or mesenchymal chondrosarcoma, similarities and differences illustrated by 6 cases.
J. P. Poulsen, G. Follerås, B. Bjerkehagen, I. Lloret, S. Skjeldal, Ø. S. Bruland, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo
17.40 20 Phase I-study: Exclusion of side- effects of the silver- coated tumor endoprosthesis in 20 patients with bone metastasis.
G. Gosheger, J. Hardes, A. Streitburger, C. Gebert, A. Gunsel, H. Burger, F. Kemper, W. Winkelmann, H. Ahrens, Münster
17.50 21 Pegylated interferon α2b as sole treatment of metastatic giant cell tumor of bone. Case report.
Å. Hayg, O. Monge, H. E. Oulie, J. Eide, C. Trovik, Bergen
18.00 22 Current status of the quality of life and long-term morbidity project in survivors of extremity bone sarcoma.
L. H. Aksnes, Oslo, N. L. Jebsen, Bergen, H. Lernedal, C. Allert, H. Bauer, Stockholm, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo

Dinner at Nordica hotel
Thursday May 12, 2005
08.00–09.00 Breakfast
09.00–12.00 Intraabdominal sarcoma symposium
Chairmen: H. S. Stoldt, Oslo, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, J. Åhlén, Stockholm

SSG registry.
H. S. Stoldt, Oslo

Gastrointestinal stroma tumors and PET.
M. Skorpil, Stockholm
09.40 25 Gastrointestinal stromal tumors with KIT exon 11 delections are associated with poor prognosis.
J.Andersson, P. Bümming, J. M. Kindblom, Gothenburg, H. Sihto, N. Nupponen, H. Joensuu, Helsinski, A. Odén, Gothenburg, B. Gustavsson, Stockholm, L. G. Kindblom, B. Nilsson, Gothenburg
10.00–10.30 Coffee
10.30 26 Pathology of abdominal sarcomas.
B. Bjerkehagen, Oslo

Surgery of retroperitoneal and gastrointestinal soft tissue sarcoma.
J. Åhlén, Stockholm

Oncological treatment and clinical outcome of GIST.
H. Joensuu, Helsinki
11.30 Discussion
10.00–12.00 Presentation of tumor protheses
Room: Sal D
Chairman: H. Bauer, Stockholm
Stanmore Implants Worldwide LTD
Stryker Howmedica
Biomet ScandiMed
Link Sweden AB
Otto Preiss A/S
DePuy a Johnson & Johnson
12.00–13.00 Lunch
13.00–17.00 Whale watching
19.30 Bus departure

Dinner at Restaurant Videy
Friday May 13, 2005
07.00–08.00 Breakfast

SSG matters
09.00–10.50 Soft tissue sarcoma symposium
Chairmen: J. Engellau, A. Rydholm, Lund

The SSG registry of soft tissue sarcomas.
H. Bauer, Stockholm, P. Gustafson, Lund, A. Kalén, Linköping, P. Lindholm, Turku, C. Trovik, Bergem, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo

Imaging of soft tissue sarcoma.
H. Einarsdottir, Reykjavik


Tumor biological aspects in soft tissue sarcoma- an overview.
M. Nilbert, Lund
Mutations of PIK3CA in soft tissue sarcomas.
P. Francis, A. Isinger, D. Borg, M. Nilbert, Lund
09.50 32 Synovial sarcoma: molecular, biological and clinical implications.
M. Törnkvist, Stockholm (thesis 2004)
10.10 33 Prognostic factors in soft tissue sarcoma- tissue microarray for immunostaining, the importance of whole-tumor sections and time-dependence.
J. Engellau, Lund (thesis 2004)

11.00–12.30 SSG XIII (High-risk STS protocol)

Treatment results of SSG XIII (high-risk soft tissue sarcomas) and proposal for new protocol.
S. Smeland, Oslo, A. Rydholm, Lund, H. Bauer, Stockholm, I. Turesson, Uppsala, Ø. S. Bruland, K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, M. Sender, Gothenburg, J. Engellau, Lund



Excursion program
Friday May 13, 2005
13.30 Free activities
19.45 Bus departure
20.00 Dinner at Vid Tjarnarbakkann
Saturday May 14, 2005
09.00–15.00 Reykjanes – Blue Lagoon
A sightseeing excursion of the Reykjanes Peninsula and the amazing Blue Lagoon. Among the highlights of this tour are: the lovely lava town Hafnarfjördur; Grindavik fishing village, the amazing Blue Lagoon and the tip of the peninsula where in summer bird life thrives on the edge of spectacular breaking surf.

Lunch at “Við fjöruborðið” 300 g lobster and desert.
19.45 Bus departure
20.00 Dinner at Perlan
Sunday May 15, 2005