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About us

The SSG was formed in 1979 by physicians and scientists from the Scandinavian countries with a primary interest in tumors of connective tissues.

The goal of the SSG is to advance the care of patients with sarcoma and to increase knowledge of all aspects of the biology of these tumors, including basic and clinical research. The SSG has developed treatment protocols for different sarcoma types and participates in international clinical trials.

At this SSG web-site you can access treatment protocols, find information about previous and future SSG meetings with links to SSG publications.

SSG secretary: Eva-Mari Olofsson
SSG mail address:

The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group is a part of Lund University and follows the instructions/regulations for data protection for Lund University.

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(Proposed program: we reserve the right to make changes)
Wednesday June 9, 2004

Board meeting
19.00-21.00 Pre-symposium

The Management of Axial Osteosarcomas
Chairmen: S. Smeland, Ø.S. Bruland, Oslo

The magnitude and spectrum of the problem
Ø.S. Bruland, Oslo

Experiences within COSS
R. Schwarz, Hamburg

The Mayo-experience; including IMRT
P. Schomberg, Rochester

Telemedicine & Radiotherapy – A case demonstration
D.R. Olsen, Oslo, D. Holywoof, Dublin

Short presentation: On the management of sacral osteosarcomas
G.U. Exner, Zurich

A patient with osteosarcoma in the thoracic spine. Long-term local control by the combined use of external and internal irradiation
O. Monge, Bergen


Welcome reception

Thursday June 10, 2004

Opening remarks
S. Smeland, Oslo


Axial tumours
Chairmen: G. Gosheger, Muenster, G. Follerås, Oslo


(82) Thirty-five axial located giant cell tumours have a high recurrence rate, and are a therapeutic challange. The Scandinavian Sarcoma Groups experience
G. Follerås, Oslo


(81) Short- and midterm results of en bloc spondylectomies in 17 cases
U. Liljenqvist, Muenster


(72) Proton beam radiation therapy in two patients with central axis osteosarcoma
A. Zoubek, Vienna


(66) Chordomas of the sacrum: Rizzoli Institute experience, review of 97 cases: part 1 – no resections treatment (47 cases)
R. Biagini, Bologna


(50) Chordomas of the sacrum: Rizzoli Institute experience, review of 97 cases: part 2 – sacral resections (50 cases)
P. Ruggieri, Bologna


(38) Clinical outcome after curettage of giant cell tumour of the sacrum
P.D.S. Dijkstra, Leiden


(31) Results of surgery in pelvic chondrosarcomas: 44 patients
T. Kharatishvili, Moscow


(25) Treatments in spine metastases of renal cell carcinoma
A. Gasbarrini, Bologna


(89) Flow-chart for treatment of spinal metastases
A. Gasbarrini, Bologna




Late relapse
Chairmen: K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, P. Picci, Bologna


(73) Late (> 5 years relapse in osteosarcoma)
S. Ferrari, Bologna


(64) Osteosarcoma recurrences more than three years after initial diagnosis
S. Kempf-Bielack, Muenster


(65) Outcome of patients with a solitary lung metastasis more than 3 years after diagnosis of osteosarcoma
S.S. Bielack, Muenster


(59) What comes back late? An analysis of local recurrences arising after five years
R. Grimer, Birmingham


(1) Late relapses in Osteosarcoma and Ewing’s sarcoma treated in SSG studies
L.H. Aksnes, Oslo


Poster presentation
Chairman: G. Saeter, Oslo

(12) The role of megatherapy in the treatment of children and adolescents with axial or pelvic primary bone PNET/Ewing’s sarcoma
J. Valkova, Prague

(28) Vertebroplasty as a choice of treatment of painful syndrome in patients with tumoral lesions of the spine
A. Valiev, Moscow

(32) Surgical treatment of sacral tumours: Ten years experience
E. Musaev, Moscow

(39) Minimal invasive treatment of osteoid osteomas of the spine
P.D.S. Dijkstra, Leiden

(67) Primary spinal chondrosarcoma: radiologic findings with pathologic correlation
I. Lloret, Oslo

(10) Alveolar sarcoma treated in pediatric age relapsed after 172 months from diagnosis with multiple bone metastases
A. Brach del Prever, Turin

(11) Osteosarcoma of the right tibia with local recurrence after 20 years from diagnosis
A. Brach del Prever, Turin

(14) Multiple recurrent sarcomas without pulmonary metastases – can steroids and anticoagulants be the explanation?
O. Berlin, Gothenburg

(15) Surgical management of late recurrence of osteosarcoma in the salvaged limb
M. Hiz, Istanbul

(16) Late local recurrences in low grad sarcomas
S. Mapelli, Milan

(24) Lung metastases after 25 years of DFS from femural central chondrosarcoma stage 1A
S. Mapelli, Milan

(42) High-grade malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) of the thigh with skeletal, intestinal and hepatic metastases. 11.5 years follow-up.
B. Gunterberg, Gothenburg

(52) Late events (positive and adverse) in bone sarcomas. More than 10 years follow-up
M. San Julian, Pamplona




EMSOS Lecture
Chairman: S. Smeland, Oslo

Clinical trials: State of the art
M. Bernstein, Canada, P.Picci, Bologna, S. Bielack, Muenster




Secondary malignancies
Chairmen: K. Sundby Hall, Oslo, P. Picci, Bologna


(83) Multiple primary malignancies in patients with soft tissue sarcoma
Y. Kollender, Tel Aviv


(19) Secondary malignancies after osteosarcoma or malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) of bone
J.N. Machatschek, Muenster


(40) The gene expression profile of osteosarcoma
L. Sangiorgi, Bologna


(91) p21 overexperssion modulates cell cycle and apoptosis in osteosarcoma cell lines by E2F1 dephosphorylation
M.S. Benassi, Bologna


(53) Molecular characterisation of signalling pathways altered in a low passage chemonaive osteosarcoma cell line
N. Ibargoyen, Pamplona


(3) Survival in osteosarcoma is influenced by pathological fracture, especially when it occurs after biopsy
J. Bramer, Birmingham




(41) Radio-hyperthermo-chemotheray for soft tissue sarcoma
Y. Matsushita, Nagoya


(4) Virgins do badly with superficial soft tissue sarcomas
L. Parkes, Birmingham


(21) Symmetrical sarcoma: Proposal for an EMSOS-survey
S.S. Bielack, Muenster


(23) PDGFRA expression in desmoid-type aggressive fibromatosis: new treatment option for imatinib?
H. Gelderblom, Leiden


(36) Multimodal assessment of tumour response during induction chemotherapy in osteosarcoma. Correlation with tumour necrosis
G. Machak, Moscow


Educational session: GIST tumours
Chairman: T. Alvegård, Lund

L-G. Kindblom, Gothenburg

GIST translation
H. Joensuu, Helsinki

Ongoing trials in Europe
P. Casali, Milan


Concert, Holmenkollen Chapel
Symposium dinner

Friday June 11, 2004


General assembly
Chairman: Ø.S. Bruland, Oslo


Campanacci lecture
F. Mertens, Lund


Bone reconstruction
Chairmen: O. Brosjö, Stockholm, M. Manfrini, Bologna


(85) Allograft reconstruction for malignant bone tumours in the growing child
G.U. Exner, Zurich


(84) Endlock stem design for anchorage of massive reconstruction endoprostheses
G.U. Exner, Zurich


(79) Rotationplasty type BI versus BIIIa in children under the age of ten – should the knee joint be preserved?
J. Hardes, Muenster




(62) Stromal stem cells and platelet rich plasma improve bone allograft integration in a critical defect model
D. Donati, Bologna


(54) Endoprosthetic reconstruction around the elbow
A. Amin, Stanmore


(48) Conventional and non-invasive expandable knee prostheses, in children: about 33 cases
E. Mascard, Paris


(47) Reconstruction by vascularized fibular transfer in 31 lower limb tumour resections
E. Mascard, Paris


(46) Chest wall malignant tumours: Preoperative evaluation and surgical reconstruction
M. Rocca, Bologna


(45) 15 years experience with vascularized fibula placed inside massive bone allograft for biological intercalary reconstruction of femur and tibia in young sarcoma patients
M. Manfrini, Bologna


(34) Transosseus ostheosynthesis by Ilizarov in the treatment of patients with primary malignant tumours of long bones
V. Teplyakov, Moscow




(27) Multimodal display interface for planning biological skeletal reconstructions and monitoring their evolution during follow-up
F. Taddei, Bologna


(22) Reconstruction with non vascularized fibula after tumour resection
Z. Matejovsky jr., Prague


(6) Experience with endoprosthetic replacement of diaphyseal bone defects
E. Aldlyami, Birmingham


Poster presentation
Chairman: O. Brosjö, Stockholm

(44) Proximal fibula autotransplant for hip reconstruction in small children: 3 cases
M. Manfrini, Bologna

(9) Limb salvage with distal femoral replacement in the absence of malignancy
K. Mannan, Stanmore

(20) Free vascularized fibula graft for reconstruction of dia- and epiphysial lesions in the upper extremity
C. Gebert, Muenster

(35) Bipolar prosthetic hip replacement combined with proximal femoral resection: A clinical and radiological follow-up
J.A.M.J. Van Leeuwen, Leiden

(49) Hemiarthroplasty of the elbow with a vascularized fibular graft after distal humerus resection due to chronic osteomyelitis
S. Dadia, Tel Aviv

(51) Growing endoprostheses in children with primary malignant bone tumours – clinical experience
W. Wozniak, Warsaw

(56) The effect of a hydroxyapatite-coated, grooved femoral collar on radiographic loosening of distal femoral endoprostheses
A.P. Sanghrajka, Stanmore

(61) Reimplantation of tumour bone after extracorporeal irradiation – is it worthwhile?
R.J. Grimer, Birmingham

(63) Cementless dia-metaphyseal conical anchorage of tumour-endoprostheses for limb-salvage in patients with large osseous resections of the femure and tibia
J. Bruns, Hamburg

(69) Salvage resection-arthrodesis of the knee joint following megaprosthetic failure using microvascularized fibula
J. Bickels, Tel Aviv

(70) Reconstruction of long bone defects remaining after sarcoma resection with free fibular flaps
J. Bickels, Tel Aviv

(74) Reimplantation of the extracorporeal irradiation excised segment as a reconstruction modality in limb salvage for bone malignancy
S. Kotb, Mansoura


Orthopedic surgery
Chairmen: M. San Julien, Pamplona, R. Grimer, Birmingham


(37) Phase 1 – study: Exclusion of side-effects of the silver-coated tumour endoprosthesis in 20 patients with bone metastases
G. Gosheger, Muenster


(60) What’s the significance of a marginal margin?
R. Grimer, Birmingham


(68) Vacuum-assisted wound closure following resection of large musculoskeletal tumours
J. Bickels, Tel Aviv


(71) Argon-based closed cryoablation of bone tumours
J. Bickels, Tel Aviv


(77) Intra-articular Yttrium 90 injection as an adjuvant following resection of diffused pigmented villonodular synovitis
B. Bender, Tel Aviv


(8) Radiotherapy after limb salvage surgery on osteosarcoma – does it prevent local recurrence or just increase complications?
C. Hughes, Birmingham




Poster presentation
Chairman: O. Brosjö, Stockholm

(2) PMMA methotrexate mixture: an experimental study on biological and mechanical properties
G. Maccauro, Roma

(5) A very rare localization of bone metastasis to the talus
G. Maccauro, Roma

(7) Biopsy before fixation – when not to fix pathological fractures
S. Hutchings, Birmingham

(13) Efficacy of pre- and postoperative Rofecoxib for postoperative pain control and morphine consumption in patients undergoing surgery for malignant bone tumour
A.A. Weinbroum, Tel Aviv

(18) Surgical treatment of symptomatic osteochondroma
A. Streitbuerger, Muenster

(26) The role of roentgen computerized tomography and magnetic resonance. Imaging in the navigation through the surgical treatment planning of extremity’s soft tissue sarcomas
B. Bokhyan, Moscow

(29) Modern orthopaedical treatment of metastatic lesion of long bones
V. Teplyakov, Moscow

(30) Zometa in the combined treatment of metastatic bone disease
V. Karpenko, Moscow

(33) Infectious complications after prosthetic reconstruction following bone resections in bone tumours
V. Sokolovsky, Moscow

(43) Efficacy of postoperative epidural versus intravenous patient-controlled analgesia for patients undergoing limb sparing surgery for malignancy bone tumour
A.A. Weinbroum, Tel Aviv

(55) The psychosocial adjustment of young adult survivors of bone and soft tissue malignancy
S. Lev, Tel Aviv

(57) The results of three-phase revision for infection of massive distal femoral endoprosthetic replacement
A. Sanghrajka, Stanmore

(58) Alveolar soft part sarcoma of the sphincter ani externus exacerbating during pregnancy
M. Grundbichler, Graz

(75) Treatment of huge aggressive aneurysmal bone cyst in childhood period
H. El-Mowafi, Mansoura

(78) Bone-cement: A useful tool in limb salvage for bone malignancy
S. Kotb, Mansoura

(80) Management of osteoid osteoma around hip joint by percutaneous destruction and alcoholisation
H. El-Mowafi, Mansoura

(86) Tumours arising in the sole of the foot: Pitfalls in diagnosis
C. Rajasekhar, Manchester

(87) The tolerance of skin grafts to postoperative radiation therapy in patients with soft tissue sarcoma
C. Rajasekhar, Manchester

(88) Radiographic evaluation of cemented versus cementless large segment prosthetic replacements following tumour resections around the knee joint
A.M. Abdul-Kader, Cairo

(76) Limb salvage surgery in malignant bone tumours in children
J. Mracek, Prague


Closing remarks

Thursday June 10, 2004

5th Symposium of EMSOS Nurse Group

Chair person: E. M. Alvestad Harboe, Oslo


Opening remarks nursing program
T. Tønnessen, E. Angell, Oslo


How can nurses help to maintain a good nutritional status in young patients during treatment?
T. B. Ribe Duus, G. Berge Smedshaug, Oslo


Methods to prevent weight loss in young patients – The Norwegian Radium Hospital’s guidelines for nutritional care in young patients
S. Hageberget, H. Aurlie Gustavsen, E. Berland, Oslo


How can we as healthcare workers help teenagers who are diagnosed with sarcoma to maintain a positive self image ?
K. Tveiten, The Norwegian Cancer Society


Free presentations

Impact of chemotherapy on young osteosarcoma patients’ weight
C. Forni, Bologna

Nutritional issues in a ward of surgical oncology: Consequences for nursing
D. Bullini, Bologna




Free presentations

The legal and ethical dilemmas when a patient refuses treatment
A. Hughes, Birmingham

Florence Nightingale. Do we need the lady with the lamp in our enlighted time?
K. Björnberg, Gothenburg

The development of a specialist bone and soft tissue sarcoma module
L. Russel, Birmingham

Amputation may not be the end of the world. Quality of life of sarcoma patients after limb amputation
Z. Shmuely, Tel Aviv

Surviving cancer. Living with complications
C. Williams, Birmingham

Sacral chordoma – A nursing challenge!
C. Senter, Birmingham




Free presentations

A computerized guide to pelvic surgeries
R. Oren, Tel Aviv

Vertebroplasty in patients with multiple myeloma and bone metastasis
N.A.C. Leijerzapf, Leiden

Use of central venous catheter (CVC) in the Chemotherapy ward of Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli: A fully aware choice
L. Loro, Bologna

Desinfection routine for the puncture of a port-a-cath. Is the desinfectant used an important factor for contamination?
C. Estel, Zurich

The psychologic Impact upon the Nursing Staff and the patient’ acceptance
V. Huth, Zurich

Cancer related fatigue – A critical review of the literature and applications for clinical practice in caring for patients with bone and soft tissue tumours
A. Killingworth, Birmingham